The School Year Is Upon Us: Are You Prepared?

It’s that time of year again: most parents get slightly excited (or perhaps more than they’d care to admit) when thinking about their children going back to school. It would be unfair to paint the picture that most parents don’t want to be around their children this much, but experiencing the summer each year tends to have them looking at the calendar with some excitement building in the back of their mind. While this is undoubtedly all well and good, the reality is that parents with children who suffer from anxiety, depression or any other mental or behavioral health challenges also see a new issue: the start of the school year.


How will their child adjust? Is there anything that could go wrong? What if their child has never exhibited mental health or behavioral health issues until now, and you are faced with answering these questions just before the start of the school year? In fact, is there even enough time to address them? It’s very important that as a parent, you are able to recognize and address potential mental health symptoms that your child could suddenly be showing; symptoms such as changes in sleeping patterns, difficulty eating or loss of appetite, mood swings and difficulty in controlling their emotions. These all point to signs that something may not be quite right.

Take the time to discuss with your child exactly how they are feeling. Try and draw them out and see how exactly they are viewing the coming school year. Over 76% of child that have been screened at a young age for mental health issues were found to have some sort of issue. The good news though, is that mental health issues in children are treatable, especially when cognitive behavior therapy and medication were used in conjunction together. It is important to get as much information as possible, which is why our facilities offer free screenings and evaluations, 24 hours a day for free. They are safe, secure and confidential.

Contact us if you have further questions, or if you suspect your child may be experiencing a mental health issue. Facing the school year is difficult enough, and we want to be able to help you and your family every step along the way as you face these challenges.