Join Us for the Union of Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital and Montevista Hospital

With the announcement of the merging of Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital and Montevista Hospital, Strategic Behavioral Health is happy to announce a Save The Date for our open house.
The celebration of this relocation will take place on July 22, 2016 at Montevista Hospital from 9AM to 2PM. The ribbon-cutting ceremony and presentation will be taking place promptly at 9AM, and the rest of the day will be dedicated to tours, questions and answers, and celebrations of this expansion.

One of the main reasons that we decided to move Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital to be a part of Montevista is to improve our ability to address mental health issues within the senior community. Within this new ward, we now have the ability to host up to 40 patients within our Geriatric Unit, which almost doubles our previous capacity. This will allow us to better serve the senior community in the Las Vegas region when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of those suffering from various behavioral health and psychiatric illnesses in the senior community.

We are excited to be able to improve our facility outreach and increase the quality of care, and our continued goal is to maintain and improve the quality of life for each and every one of our patients. This open house is a celebration of this, and we are excited to share this with our patients, family, friends and peers.

To RSVP to this Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, please contact Roxanne.Lee [at] strategicbh [dot] com

Montevista Hospital is located at 5900 West Rochelle Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89103.

For more information on what Montevista and Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital can offer, please visit or contact us by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 702-364-1111.