Here’s Some Important Information to know About Transgender People

Those who identify as transgender in America have had an increasingly difficult time dealing with day to day challenges. In fact, over 40% of transgender people have confessed to attempting suicide, which is an astonishingly higher rate than other people within the country. It would not be an understatement to say that the mental health risks are much higher than others in the LGBTQ community, and the reasons can vary.


To begin with, let’s review the misconception that transgender people need to have surgery in order to successfully transition. This is absolutely not a requirement, as many men and women can transition successfully without surgery. However, poverty is a very big issue in the transgender community and they are four times more likely to have a household income of $10,000 or less per year. This generally means that a lot of transgender people do not have access to quality healthcare or any type of medical treatment. In turn, with the higher probability of experiencing some sort of mental health or behavioral health issues, they are placed at a disadvantage.

There are also no current state laws in all 32 states that protect transgender people for being fired based on simply being transgender. There are actually only 18 states that prohibit discrimination based upon gender identity alone; there is much work to be done in removing the stigma associated with being a transgender person.

Ultimately, a transgender person must maintain awareness that they will be at a higher risk of mental health challenges due to the various influencing factors in risks in their life. They may experience physical or emotional and mental abuse from close family or friends at times, or even from total strangers. Couple that with potential challenges in their place of work or business, along with the stressors that come with adapting to a new life; it is important to be able to be aware of the potential challenges.

Our group of mental and behavioral health hospitals has highly trained staff members that are sympathetic to each and every one of our patient’s and their particular mental health situations. We strive to offer the best behavioral health care possible and we firmly believe that we stand among the elite in the industry when it comes to identifying and treating a host of mental health illnesses. As we continue to learn more about those in the transgender community and maintain better awareness of transgender people as a whole, the ultimate goal is to provide the best behavioral health care possible, no matter what gender one identifies as.