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2016 3rd Quarter Newsletter

President’s Message

What’s Inside… I believe that from time-to-time we must take a step back and see how far we have come as individual facilities and as a company. Our growth this year alone (adding 260 new beds in six different locations) will take us to 1,055 total beds. That is staggering to realize, as only […]

The School Year is Upon Us: Are You Prepared?

It’s that time of year again: most parents get slightly excited (or perhaps more than they’d care to admit) when thinking about their children going back to school. It would be unfair to paint the picture that most parents don’t want to be around their children this much, but experiencing the summer each year tends […]

Palms Behavioral Health is opening August 1st, 2016

Palms Behavioral Health is very excited and proud to announce the opening of our facility on Monday, August 1 of 2016. Our newest facility in the Strategic Behavioral Health community is excited to be hosting this ribbon cutting ceremony to usher in a new era of behavioral and mental health care.

Located at 613 Victoria Lane […]

Join Us for the Union of Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital and Montevista Hospital

With the announcement of the merging of Red Rock Behavioral Health Hospital and Montevista Hospital, Strategic Behavioral Health is happy to announce a Save The Date for our open house.
The celebration of this relocation will take place on July 22, 2016 at Montevista Hospital from 9AM to 2PM. The ribbon-cutting ceremony and presentation will be […]

Technology and Mental Health

The role of technology in our daily lives continues to grow with each passing year.  Advancements in the realms of smartphone and voice technology is making us ever more reliant on the dynamic relationship between humans and our digital assistants.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, however, in the sense that advances in […]

Here’s Some Important Information to know About Transgender People

Those who identify as transgender in America have had an increasingly difficult time dealing with day to day challenges. In fact, over 40% of transgender people have confessed to attempting suicide, which is an astonishingly higher rate than other people within the country. It would not be an understatement to say that the mental health […]

Celebrate Mental Health Awareness with Strategic Behavioral Health

Since May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, we would like to offer our support to the surrounding communities throughout the country.  While we have made great strides as a nation in regards to mental health care, we still need to keep pushing forward in many areas. Stigmas still exist in the 21st century, which […]

The Future of Mental Health Wellness is Bright

The 21st century has undoubtedly been extremely beneficial to the average American, especially those whom have faced mental or behavioral health challenges. Not only can every citizen now have access to medical insurance, but the realm of mental and behavioral health has expanded significantly and for the better. There have been significant developments in discovering […]

Parity in Modern Healthcare for Mental Health Conditions

There are still certain stigmas attached to individuals suffering from mental and behavioral health issues, even now in the 21st century.  One would like to think that with the wealth of information we have available at our fingertips, those suffering from various mental health conditions would receive more equal treatment; however, the reality is that […]

A Clear View to Recovery

If there’s one thing that continues to be very clear as we move forward in the 21st century, it’s that mental and behavioral health issues are continuing to grow. That is why the opening of the brand new Clear View Behavioral Health psychiatric hospital is being viewed as a fantastic step towards helping to eliminate […]